Memorable milestone

In 2021 Hawee P&T expands its business activities with 2 areas: Mold manufacturing and Automation.

Hawee P&T expands its business with two segments of Mold and Automation.

Realizing many strong development opportunities in the field of mold and automation in Vietnam market. In 2021 Hawee P&T officially joins this potential market with the desire to elevate Vietnamese enterprises in the global supply chain.


2020 Market development in the US

In 2020, Hawee signed the first contract to export to the US, an important new step on the way to bring Hawee to the big sea, affirming that the quality of Hawee products fully meets the strictest international standards.


In 2019, Hawee PT shipped the 1000th Blokset electrical cabinet

In March 2019, Hawee P&T officially released the 1000th Blokset switchboard. This is a remarkable milestone in the process of manufacturing and installing electrical cabinets for Hawee P&T's major projects. Delivering the 1000th electrical cabinet further confirms that Hawee is one of the most successful licensees in Southeast Asia.


In 2018 Renovate and upgrade Hawee factory according to 5s standards. Simultaneously cooperate with Sienens to produce the copyright Sivacon low-voltage cabinets

Hawee invested in upgrading all equipment and machinery, ensuring that all production activities are carried out in line, increasing specialization, bringing the factory capacity to 70 billion VND/month. In addition to having more success in diversifying products, bringing Vietnamese-branded products with international quality standards to customers, Hawee has chosen a strategy to go hand in hand with the "giants". ” to learn and create better, safer products. Sivacon S8 low-voltage switchboard is one of the products licensed by Hawee and transferred from Siemens - a global electrical and electronic technology corporation representing technical achievements, innovations, and quality. , reliability and internationality for more than 165 years.


2017 Received the award "Famous Brand - Product - Service in Asia - Pacific

With the title "Famous Brand - Products and Services in Asia - Pacific" that Hawee P&T achieved in October 2017 is the recognition of Partners and Customers for all their efforts and efforts. all employees of Hawee P&T in general and employees of Hawee Factory in particular. Inheriting and promoting the achievements achieved during the process of construction and development, it can be said that this is the foundation, a solid launch pad for Hawee to accelerate and achieve goals in the journey to reach out. a big sea.


2016 Continue to cooperate with Schneider Electric in the production of copyrighted Pix medium voltage electrical cabinets.

After the successful technology transfer of Blokset products in 2014, Hawee continues to receive the trust from Schneider Electric to transfer technology of medium voltage cabinets. With the PIX 24 series of medium voltage cabinets, Hawee is the first manufacturer licensed by Schneider Electric in Vietnam and the second in the world to be licensed to manufacture PIX24 medium voltage cabinets outside of Schneider Electric's factory system. . This is a complete line of medium voltage cabinets for all grids up to 24 kV.


2015 Joined the Business Club of VND 1000 billion in Vietnam; export products to Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia

2015 is considered a turning period when Hawee exported electrical cabinets to Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia for projects in the fields of factories, hotels, etc. These are all key projects of major corporations in the world. world such as Coca - Cola, IHG Group (Crown Plaza), ... with strict requirements for electrical cabinet systems to ensure quality as well as aesthetics.


2014 Achieved a record of completing year targets committed with Scheneide Electric

Starting production in 2014 under a technology transfer contract from Schneider Electric, Hawee PT quickly completed the target of 100 blokset cabinets in the first quarter.


In 2013 Signed the technology transfer contract of Blokset low voltage switchboard with Schneider Electric.

This contract will allow Hawee to access the high-end power distribution market and will contribute to improving the quality of infrastructure in Vietnam. Immediately after signing the contract, Hawee engineers participated in research and training at Schneider China


2012 Successfully handing over the first order of low voltage electrical cabinets valued at more than 4 million USD

After 1 year of operation, in 2012, Hawee made a mark when successfully handing over the first batch of low voltage electrical cabinets valued at more than 4 million USD to Vingroup customer. Continuing to affirm its Brand and position, so far, products from Hawee Factory have always been selected and used by Partners, Investors, and Groups in key projects.


In 2011, Hawee electrical switchboard factory was inaugurated. Established Hawee Production and Trading Joint Stock Company.

On June 22, 2011 Hawee Vietnam Manufacturing and Trading Company officially opened Hawee Electrical Panel Factory in Tien Son Industrial Park (Bac Ninh). This factory is considered the largest and most modern in Vietnam with two lines of punching, cutting and folding machines of Trumpf (Federal Republic of Germany) and all auxiliary equipment also imported from other countries. has a leading industrial development (G7). The factory's products include: electrical cabinets, cable tray ladders, support belts manufactured based on a modular design as the basis for mass production, meeting the schedule and adapting to any changes, opening wide without breaking the structure of the system. Product quality is ensured by good materials, such as: Nisshin Steel (Japan), Posco (Korea), copper (Thailand) and is managed by the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system. 100% products are tested at the factory's Lab before being shipped


2004 Established Hawee

Established in 2004, starting from a supplier of water supply and drainage equipment (Vesbo plumbing - a high-class plumbing brand, imported from Malaysia).